When breaking down the Sky hook I looked to prove the S.E.D.R.S philosophy wrong.  If S.E.D.R.S. concepts are false than we shall find no evidence of them when applied to the sky hook. It’s an unorthodox shot that shouldn’t obey the same concepts of the S.E.D.R.S. philosophy.  In looking to disprove these concepts false we actually found the connectivity of the S.E.D.R.S. philosophy with all the other types of shots. Basically the more I compare these concepts the more I fond evidence that supports that they are indeed fundamentally true.



  • The footwork is similar to a regular jump shot expect that it is in opposite order. In a jump shot you start with your feet turned 10 degrees then you shoot and land with your feet turned at 90 degrees.  In a hook shot you start off with feet/shoulder at 90 degrees from the basket.  You then rotate until your feet are in the position of  taking a normal jump shot.

  •  Your hand placement on the ball does. Again shooting hand is on the side of the basketball. Its extremely difficult to shoot a sky hook shot with your shooting hand directly behind the ball.

  • Shooting hand on the side off the ball for ball security & UNIFORMITY  



  • Your target is still 11″ past the front of the rim.

  • If your on the block you don’t typically watch the flight of the ball, since your so close to the rim.

  • I did notice watching the flight did occur more commonly when players where in the mid or high post regions.

  • Dominant eye doesn’t apply



  • You do dip while shooting a sky hook, like the fadeaway it is increasingly more difficult to shot if you don’t dip the ball.


  • Four fingers down 

Sweep & Sway

  • When it comes to this concept you must look at the body positioning along with the shoulder alignment.

  • Shooting shoulder is always higher than the off hand shoulder.

  • You still see the correct body lean positioning even if its slightly altered in a different direction.

  • Look at the shoulder and body postion of all these shots. Layup, jump shot, free throw, fadeaway, Dirk Fadeaway, Sky hook.  Nobody is square to the basket,  they all end up with there same body lean with the shooting shoulder pointed at the target. 

  • Look how similar the body position is between a layup & sky hook, and a sky hook and fadeaway jumper. Pay close attention to the shoulder positioning.

  • At the end of the day no matter the shot you still end up with that sweep and sway body lean.

  • Your shooting shoulder needs to be pointed not squared towards your target, be it the rim or the backboard for a bank shot.