Known as one of the Greatest Wheelchair basketball players who ever played.  Patrick Anderson like other great shooters use the universal principles that are found in the S.E.D.R.S shooting philosophy.  These concepts can be seen in his shooting mechanics.  Shooting is shooting no matter which way you slice and dice it. Even in wheelchair basketball the S.E.D.R.S. concepts can be found, again proving that they are indeed fundamentally true.


Stance= In wheelchair basketball you can’t turn in the air so you see a very high percentage of there wheels turned or at an angle before they shoot. At the free throw line the overwhelming majority of players turn there wheelchair while shooting.

Hand placement again shooting hand on the side of the ball before rotating behind it.

Eyes= Eye focus 11″ past the front of the rim shooting through your dominate eye.  Here is a picture of Patrick Anderson eyes following the flight of the ball.  Dominate eye, 11″ past the front of the rim, following the flight of the ball.


Another pic of Patrick Anderson watching the flight of the ball.  Shooting through the right shooting eye.  Patrick is right handed right eye dominate, but can shoot with his left as well. 

Dip= Small dip before shooting although doesn’t apply when shooting in a well chair since you are already in your dip.


Release= 4 fingers down/out wrist flops never snaps down.  Shooting elbow extending locking out, guide hand on the side. Palm rotating towards the target, shoulders turned never square.


Arc between 42-48 degrees


Sweep & Sway=  In wheelchair basketball they do sweep and sway.  They tilt as shown in the pic below which allows the to shoot over taller defenders. They also have there wheelchairs equipped to allow the players to lean back giving them the proper body lean aspect.  You don’t have the mid air turn but most wheelchair players are turned and aligned to the basket before they shoot.


Patrick Anderson and wheelchair basketball show us which universal principles are true.The S.E.D.R.S. concepts are found in the shot of Steph Curry & Ray Allen the best 3 point shooters of our time, Jordan & Kobe the best Scores of our time, Kareem the all time leading scorer in total points scored, Lonzo Ball the up and coming rookie, and Patrick Anderson one of the best wheelchair basketball players of our day.  Each one of them incorporates these shooting principles into there mechanics. The S.E.D.R.S philosophy looks to unite a set of shooting principles for all types of shots. You shouldn’t have a different set of core concepts for your layups, jumpshots, free throw, fadeaway, sky hooks….etc. One set of basic shooting concepts that are based not in theory but in the reality of breaking down what the best players actual due, not what they are taught or think. Regardless of the different terminology used, the core concepts are the foundation for the art of shooting a basketball.  I hope this insight into wheelchair basketball helps to amplify this point.