Is a Fundamentally Sound Shooter Lonzo Ball ZO2 shoe


Lonzo Ball has a unorthodox looking shot, but trust me when I say it is ABSOLUTELY FUNDAMENTALLY SOUND, based on the S.E.D.R.S. shooting philosophy. Lonzo’s shooting mechanics are surprisingly similar to that of Stephen Curry.


Lonzo Ball is LEFT EYE DOMINATE and adjusts his mechanics accordingly. Like Kevin Durant Lonzo is right handed but shoots through his left eye because it feels more natural to him. Just like Steph Curry a right hander who shoots through his dominate right eye.  This explains why Lonzo’s shooting motion begins on his left hip and traveling up through his left eye.



Look at the set point for Kevin Durant, Lonzo Ball, and Steph Curry all shooting through there dominate eye.


  • Foot alignment, Feet Turned Shoulder width apart NOT SQUARED Steph Curry Feet during shot mechanics

  • Shooting hand on the side of the ball.

  • Ball is on his palm
    Lonzo ball Front view shot mechanics Steph Curry shooting front view of hand placement

Lonzo Ball front view shot form Steph Curry close up of shot form Lonzo Ball Shot form over Oregon defender

  • Dips the ball Steph Curry dip while shooting Lonzo ball dip

  • Rotates the palm towards the rim Lonzo Ball side view shot fundamentals Steph Curry shot fundamentals palm rotating towards rim

  • Four fingers down release Lonzo Ball 4 fingers down release shot fundamentals Stephen Curry 4 fingers down release shot mechanics

  • Sweeps & Sways

  • Rotates shoulders & hips turns his feet slightly in his sweep & sway

Lonzo Ball UCLA 3 point PCT = .412%

Steph Curry Davidson 3 point PCT = .412%

Freshman = .408%

Sophmore = .439%

Junior = .387%


Although he doesn’t always follow the flight of the ball with his eyes, he consistently implements 4.66 of the 5 S.E.D.R.S. principles.   Which are Stance feet correctly positioned (hand placement on the side of the ball), Dip, Release (rotating of palm & 4 finger down release), Sweep & Sway (which includes the turning of feet) Lonzo Ball has proper basketball shooting mechanics based on being left eye dominate.  More so when you compare Lonzo Ball’s shot to Kobe or Jordan’s turn around fadeaway you see more similarities.  On Jordan’s fadeaway over his left shoulder he will start his shooting motion off of his left hip to avoid the strip steal. This motion is identical to Lonzo’s left hip right handed shooting motion.  So it is fundamental correct to shoot this way.


People are always overlooked because of perceived flaws, but on closer examination Lonzo Ball exhibits Good Sound Shooting Fundamentals.  




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