This is a breakdown of a Fadeaway jump shot. This blog is designed for players and coaches researching the correct mechanics of a fadeaway jump shot.


A fade Away jump shot employs the same S.E.D.R.S. concepts except you push away from the basket. You also need to turn/rotate your shooting shoulder to the basket to aligning your shot.  This turning/rotating action generates your power for the fade away.  The finished position for your fade away is identical to a regular jump shot the difference being on how you arrive there.


Having your shooting hand on the side of the ball adds UNIFORMITY & consistency on all of your shots including layups, free throws, jump shots (including 3 pointers, & post ups), and fade aways.

Shooting is complected enough let alone having a different set of rules for each type of shot.  When dwindling down to the 1st principle truths of shooting we are left with the S.E.D.R.S. concepts.



  • On a Layup your shooting hand is on the side of the ball. It rotates 90 degrees to a over hand or under hand layup.

  • If you can rotate your palm on a layup you can do it on a Jump shot or Fade Away Jumper.

  • Hand on the side of the ball ads control along with UNIFORMITY.  

  • Rotate palm towards the basket

  • Even on Post up you should have hand on side of the ball 

  • Eyes= apply the same 3 principles from the S.E.D.R.S. philosophy

  • 1. Aim 11″ past the front of the rim, 2. Follow the flight of the ball, 3. Shoot through your dominate eye.

  • Dip= You dip while shooting a fadeaway.

  • No need to dip while dribbling since your already in your dip.

  • Release= Is based on alignment.

  • You must have your shooting shoulder in alignment with the rim before you can release your shot. This is why right handed players can release there shot earlier in there fadeaway motion on the left side of the court.

  • The release will be longer fading away on the right side since your shooting shoulder needs more time to rotate into alignment.

  • 4 fingers down

  • SWEEP & SWAY= Your Sweep becomes a    1 legged sweep of your shooting leg.

  • Your shooting leg sweeps forward while your off hand leg becomes the leg you land on.  For right handed shooter you sweep with your right leg, land with your left leg.

  • You must rotate your shooting shoulder to the Basket, this turn is critical for alignment and power for your fade away.  You will end up in the same position as a normal jump shot. 


  • The ending of your fade away looks identical to your jump shot. Ultimately the S.E.D.R.S. principles hold true on all types of shots.

  • It is very difficult to perform a fade away without aligning your shooting shoulder towards the basket. The fade away jumper confirms what we already know to be true that the Turn in your sweep & sway is a fundamental component of your shooting mechanics.

  •  It authenticates that you don’t want to be squared (10 toes to rim) when you shoot. It also confirms the sweep & sway body alignment is also a fundamental concept. Having your shoulders back helps with your arc.

  • The fade away is an advance shooting technique mainly because it emphasizes the TURN portion of the Sweep & Sway. A right handed player fading over there left shoulder will sometimes have to rotate in the air a full 180 degrees in order to create the correct alignment.  This adds to level of difficulty to create the space necessary in order to get your shot off.